TMW Prepaid Cards for Business Expenses

A power-pack alternative to cash advances & corporate debit cards

What is a TMW ?

TMW is a first of its kind prepaid corporate/personal expense card for employees that can be semi-controlled by company administrators from a mobile or web interface. Company admins can fund cards, track expenses, set limits and approve expenses in real-time, on the go.

How TMW Cards Work

Every employee gets their own TMW Card, pre-loaded with money. They can use the TMW Card for a variety of business expenses, namely - travel, food, hotel, etc. TMW cards are accepted everywhere — at any online store, any POS machine or at any ATM.

TMW Corporate Expense Card

Add or remove funds with a tap of a button.

Fund any prepaid TMW card instantly when employees need money. Remove funds or block cards temporarily when cards are not in use.

Powerful expense tracking & control features

Set spending limits instantly, online. Define how much money is on each TMW prepaid corporate card and where that can be spent with spend policies. Block cards with a click of a money button.

Get spend analytics

Get detailed spending report by department, project, category or time period. Manage your budgets and cash flows with greater accuracy and confidence.

Know more about how TMW Corporate cards can help you take complete control of your business spending.