Numerous ways for your Employees to Celebrate with Corporate Gifting Solutions by TMW

We believe in the Power of People. Your employees are your company's most vital asset. If you are looking to reward your employees, recognize your clients, or strengthen a marketing plan, we have acorporate gifting solution for you.

Un-skippable Reasons to choose TMW’s Gifting Solutions

Personalized cards with the name of the employee and company with a special message from the firm.
One-touch ordering by logging on to our simple web portal and placing the order without any hassle.
Choose between physical and virtual cards as per your needs. Gift any amount, anytime, anywhere in India.
Easy Transfer
Simply upload the gifting money in the employee’s wallet and he is free to redeem it online/oine.

Replace your Gift with TMW’s Corporate Gift Card

1. Ideal for channel partner, RNR & special occasion gifting
2. Accepted across India
3. Valid for 1 year with a maximum load limit of (amount)
4. Added Security with PIN based personalized cards

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How it works

(Gift via portal)

How it works

(Gift via Gift card)